Realizing the large number of spy applications that were promoted on the Internet, Arturo Barelli, thought it made sense to devote his knowledge in computer security to analyze and write about these applications in order to help users not to lose their Time and money using some that will not really work. As an expert in computer security, Arturo has spent the last 10 years immersed in the world of spy applications.

Arturo has a degree in Computer Engineering from the Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de México. Then I completed a Web Security course from the same university. His written work has earned him an award from his almamater.

His studies and work experience have allowed him to refine his skills in TCP / IP networks, Administrative Systems based on Linux, Programming of operating systems and Batch Files. This has allowed him to be able to solve countless problems related to computer security, such as malware and FTP server protection.

As a good citizen, Arturo, has always been committed to excellence in his work and in his community, helped to create the Science and Technology Camp for Children in Mexico City, which seeks to introduce primary and secondary school children to the world of Digital animation and personal computers.

As part of the Club of Networks and Computer Security of the Ibero-American University of Mexico City, he has managed to connect with students from different social backgrounds and lead inclusive work groups that support each other, to move towards the consolidation of computer knowledge.

In 2019, Arturo was invited to the León Technology & Innovation Mexico Expo to participate as a speaker for a question and answer session on spyware and its moral and legal assessment.

In addition, before entering fully into the world of spyware and computer security, he has been employed as a computer consultant in a large number of well-known computer companies such as Google, Microsoft and Oracle. In these companies he made reports of impact analysis of the measures that were implemented in the security systems of these important companies.

When not absorbed by the world of technology. Arturo lives and works at his home in Mexico City and spends his time riding his motorcycle, camping and making life impossible for his two dogs and his wife.